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January is "Get Organized" (GO) Month

The National Association of Professional Organizers designated January as GO month back in 2005, and since has helped people get the jump they need to get organized in the new year.  Getting organized is always top on people's New Year's Resolutions list, so why not make this your year to start!

Maybe this is the year you begin to tackle those half done projects around your house or finish those organizing projects you started months ago.  How about just cutting down on your busy schedule and making white space for just you?

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Would your loved ones have all the information they needed if something happened to you?  Would they be able to locate all your important papers and documents to make sure all of your assets were accounted for?  

The Life Documents Organizer Kit is a great tool to help get all of your important documents in one place and has easy instructions to help you organize everything you need.

Finally, think about all of the items in your home.  Which items do you use regularly and which items provide great joy?  Now, which items fall into neither of these categories?  It's time to start de-cluttering and giving items away to those that can use them.  Begin taking care of these decisions while you can still control the process.  Don't leave the decision making to the next generation; they may not have the same wishes and goals for your things as you do.

If you are stuck on how to start, this show may help you to understand the common mistakes when trying to get organized: